A new world

An untapped destination

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a kaleidoscope of vibrant, civilisation-defining culture, important architectural sites, magnificent natural wonders and undiscovered environments, steeped in the spirit of hearfelt Arabian hospitality. The Kingdom is also passionate about welcoming a global audience to its shores, demonstrated by accessible visa regulations and a significant investment into its tourism infrastructure as per Vision 2030.

Chief among this is the development of an exceptional cruise proposition, bolstered by some of the world's calmest waters, historically-rich coastal communities, pristine beaches and premium experiences tailored for the international aesthete.

Your gateway to Arabia

Cruise Saudi connects Saudi Arabia to the world

Cruise Saudi is both the architect and the driver of the cruise industry in Saudi Arabia. A conduit between land and sea, Cruise Saudi is a strategic facilitator and a trusted international partner that oversees the development of services and infrastructure, including state-of-the-art cruise terminals, that will transform the country’s coastline into a sustainable tourism destination.

Embark on a voyage of discovery

Cruise Saudi aspires to provide quintessential Arabian hospitality and a seamless journey for guests, from arrival to departure