Cruise Saudi welcomes cruise lines from around the globe to include Saudi as a port of call on their itineraries and add exciting new destinations across Saudi that boast rich cultural heritage, history, and natural wonders.

Saudi is home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites which have rarely or never been seen by international tourists, and none of which have ever been featured on cruise itineraries before – three of these are now accessible by sea: AlAhsa Oasis, Hegra Archaeological site in AlUla, and Historic Jeddah, the Gate to Makkah.

There are multiple destinations available and different shore excursions that cater to all sorts of activities and interests for visitors, from culture and heritage to entertainment, adventure, and nature, all to ensure tourists have the complete and authentic Saudi experience. 

The country is also home to many undiscovered treasures, from culinary encounters to unique immersive experiences in nature, including the beautiful Red Sea coral reefs – which can be seen by snorkeling or diving – as well as vibrant modern cities and colorful traditional souqs.Saudi has something unique to offer to every one of its guests.


Cruise Saudi is a 100% Public Investment Fund-owned business based in Jeddah, that was officially launched in 2021 to develop the infrastructure and services required to scale a full-suite cruise market in Saudi

The company is responsible for the development and operation of cruise berths and terminals as cruise gateways to key Saudi destinations, as well as scaling cruise services, from marketing to Shorex design and coordination and ship operations.

Cruise Saudi works hand in hand with ministries and regulatory authorities to build the offshore and onshore cruise ecosystem, with the aim of positioning Saudi as a premier global cruise destination.

Cruise Saudi has completed three successful seasons thus far; welcoming 300,000+ passengers and seven major international cruise lines; and in the future, aims to attract more cruise lines and 1.3 million cruise passengers to experience Saudi via sea by 2035.

OUR Mission

To Support in the diversification of the Saudi economy and
growth of the tourism sector, by becoming the bridge
between land and sea, showcasing Saudi culture, heritage
and natural wonders via partnerships with global cruise
operators while providing best-in-class services, while
focusing on innovation and sustainability.

OUR Vision

Become a world class cruise port and cruise line operator
driving the development of destination experiences to
build a thriving cruise sector in Saudi.


HH Prince Badr
bin Farhan Al-Saud
Minister of Culture
H.E Mr. Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser
Minister of Transport
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Yazeed A. Al-Humied
Deputy Governor, and Head of MENA
Investments, Public Investment Fund (PIF)
Mr. Karl Holz
Advisor to PIF
Former President of Disney Cruise Line
Mr. Fahd Hamidaddin
CEO of Saudi Tourism Authority
Mr. Raid Abdullah Ismail
Senior Director, MENA Investments
Public Investment Fund
Eng. Fawaz Farooqui
Managing Director

Executive Management

Lars Clasen
Chief Executive Officer
Mousa Alharatani
Chief of Staff
Mazen Sharfan
Chief Internal Audit Officer
Hani Gharbawi
Chief Legal & Government Affairs Officer
Ghassan Khan
Chief Strategy & Corporate Affairs Officer
Taha Nazer
Chief Financial Officer
Ayman AlGhamdi
Chief Human Capital Officer
Barbara Buczek
Chief Destination Experiences Officer